LATEST FINISHED : FD-218 Floating pontoon for Sightseeing Fishing Rafts at Nanwan Whart in Tainan City

This floating pontoon is for government project. The project proposes a new floating pier for sightseeing fishing rafts at Nanwan Wharf in Qigu District, including ship mooring facilities and pier ancillary facilities. An aluminum alloy approach bridge is used to connect the pier and the shore, PC piles are used to fix the floating dock. The floating pier is made of Magic-Float II gray floats as the main body, with bright light blue floats around the pontoon frame, and Magic-Float VII low profile floats as stairs for tourists easily walking. There are also safety railings and handrails on the pier, and boat berthing facilities are Belaying Pins and yellow color 3L HDPE Fender are anti-collision materials installed around the floating platform to prevent ships from directly colliding with the floating structure.
The floating platform is anchored with 1010mm Roller Systems and PC fixing piles with a diameter of 600mm, so that the floating dock can float up and down as the water level changes.
At the Nanwan Pier of Qigu Lagoon in Taijiang National Park, you can take a sightseeing and entertainment fishing raft to visit Qigu Lagoon and board the Wangziliaoshan to experience the barrier-free trail. Let the sightseeing boat take you to explore the culture and industry of Qigu Lagoon and have an intellectual experience journey.
Qigu District, Tainan City, Taijiang National Park, 20240110