LATEST FINISHED :FD-216 Floating dock for Anping Canal Cleaning Work Boat in Tainan City

This floating dock is for Tainan City Government Environmental Protection Bureau’s “Tainan City 111 Years Canal Cleaning Vehicle Workstation” project, the assembled floating platform is 1.5M wide × 10M long. The floating dock is mainly composed of Magic-Float II gray pontoons, and the facility components are 2L PE Fender ( 9 pieces), anti-collision materials installed around the floating platform to prevent ships from directly colliding with the floating structure.
The floating platform is anchored by Roller Cube (3 sets), which are connected and fixed with the pier with 8″ diameter steel pipe fixing piles on the shore, so that the floating pier can float up and down as the water level changes. Cantilever floating platform steel pipe fixing piles ϕ 8″ ×3 Group. Anping Canal, Central and Western District, Tainan City, Taiwan 20221004