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“MAGIC-FLOAT” Modular Jetty System Since 1989 ~

Magic-Float Modular Jetty System has been developed and applied to numerous engineering constructions for more than 20 years up to today. Succeeding to Magic-Float Generation Ⅰ, which has been practiced and experienced in floating dock constructions many years, Magic-Float Generation Ⅱ, Ⅲ, IV, V, VI, VII , VIII and IX were developed with new technique to improve the system structural and owned the system product’s utilization technical patent in many countries. Breaking through traditional floating construction, Magic-Float can be used more extensively, combined easy and fast. Magic-Float is a new technique of floating dock construction.

ISO9001 International Quality Certification


We are professional in producing and developing Magic-Float Modular Jetty System and leading the field of floating dock system in Taiwan and World. We have passed ISO9001 International Quality Certification in May of 2002. We always keeps a spirit for more precision, more accuracy to produce products for the best quality. We are constantly pursuing the innovation of various floating structures in practice and applications. We have installed and completed many applications of Magic-Float system in many countries around the world; our rich practical experience and superior professionals earned us praise, trust and support from our domestic/international customers.

We have many professional agents and distributors as our marketing team for Magic-Float Modular Jetty System on the international market. We sincerely welcome your joining and being one of our team…

Process Manufacture Department:

The producing machines of the department can be used in all kinds of hollow blow up model products process, such as containers, tool box, automobile parts, tanks, toys and medical or chemical containers,etc. The integrated operation of molded and produced, automatic equipments, strict quality control are our best guaranteed quality and satisfactory services to our customers.

Design Development Service:

To assist customers using Magic-Float combined type floating system effectively, we supply structure combination and technique of utilization design services. Magic-Float combination type floating system can reach to the best effect in any kinds of structure utilization.
In product processing development, we supply guaranteed quality and satisfactory services to our customers; from product development, design, mold and model, we use the newest technology and technics. Each producing machines all have imported computer auto-control system.
Constantly creating and developing new technics and improving products’ quality is always our goal. We sincerely welcome domestic/ foreign manufacturer and trading company to entrust producing or technical cooperation.

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