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The MAGIC-FLOAT Ⓡ is a revolutionary new product with excellent features. It is an extremely versatile vinyl plastic floating cube with four connecting lugs. Its creation and worldwide sales have brought us many satisfied customers and we have obtained a solid reputation in international markets because of this product’s surprising results.

The MAGIC-FLOAT is a best choice product for any leisure activities and sports or engineering programs regarding the water. We hereby sincerely recommend it to you and believe confidently that you will be fully satisfied with its superior quality as well as it’s widely various uses.


.Marinas .Fish-farms
.Water-boundary markers .Pontoon bridges
.Floating walkways .Bathers’play rafts
.Motorized barges(powered by electric motors) .Floatational anchored raft islands
.Judge-stages for aquatic sport games .Aquatic stages for water shows and activities
.Aquatic life-guarding platforms .Breakwaters
.Bases of outdoor aquatic beer bars,coffee shops,rest shelters,or floral decorative displays,etc.
.Enclosures and separators for swimming pools and water treatment plats.
.Floating work platforms used in industry,communal projects,and navy engineering,etc.
.Landings for sailors,rowers,water-skiers,surfers or navy vessels,etc.


WEIGHT Approx.7kg(15.4lbs)
COLOUR Blue, Light Grey, Orange, Other colours upon requests MATERIAL High Density Polyethylene
SINGLE FLOAT SIZE Length:50cm(20inch) Width:50cm(20inch) Height:40cm(16 inch)
ACCESSORIES Distance Disc, Side Fixation, Key for Flooding, Torque Wrench, Bathing Ladder, Side Bar, Screw Joint Unit, Banister, Cleat, Fender, Mooring Device, and other fabrications to suit. These accessories can be easily mounted


‧ Safety: with patterns on the top surface, the MAGIC-FLOAT R is free from the dangers caused by slippery surfaces, splinters and rusty nails usually found on wooden walkways. Also it has no sharp corners and is stable enough to walk on.
‧ High Load Capacity: 360 kg / m 2
‧ Versatility: can be used widely in various fields.
‧ Economy: low maintenance and upkeep.
‧ Durability: resistant to UV rays, frost, seawater, corrosion, chemicals, and oil.
‧ Changeability / Moveability: one connecting pin holds four modules together–permitting the assembly of any size and any configuration on the water and the assembly can be changed to meet the requirements.


Any engineering structure can be designed and installed to meet your needs. If you require our service or more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will offer a first time consultation free of charge. Thanks!!