LATEST FINISHED : FD-217 Drive-on Floating Dock for Lift Boat of Red Cross at Love River Bay Love Bay Water Park (Kaohsiung Port Pier 1)

Magic-Float II grey cubes matched with orange V-Float, allowing 4 lift boats (length at 3m long) to drive on the pontoon directly, parking safely and conveniently. By life boat leaving water during non-duty hours , there will be no algae or shellfish attached to the boat body / hull, which is convenient for maintenance and saves maintenance time. Save times for hard working, more times for water fun!!
The floating dock is a platform with length of 3.5m and width of 3.5m, equipped with green Aid-Roller assisting Jet-Skie to get out and into the water easily and quickly, the Boat Cleat with Nut at the front for tying lift boats while waving, Short Connecting Pin, Side Fixation with Nut, HDPE Connector and Distance Disc etc. Love River Bay Love Bay Water Park (Kaohsiung Port Pier 1), Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, 20240116