LATEST FINISHED : FD-210 Drive-on Floating Dock for Jet Ski of ARGO Yacht Marina at Love River Bay Yacht Wharf Area A

Magic-Float II grey cubes matched with orange V-Float, allowing 6 jet skies (length at 3.5m or 3m long) to drive on the pontoon directly, parking safely and conveniently. By Jet-Ski leaving water during non-business hours , there will be no algae or shellfish attached to the body / hull, which is convenient for maintenance and saves maintenance time. Save times for hard working, more times for water fun!!

The floating dock is a platform with length of 11.5m and width of 4m, equipped with green Aid-Roller assisting Jet-Skie to get out and into the water easily and quickly, the Boat Cleat with Nut at the front for tying Jet-Skie while waving, Short Connecting Pin, Side Fixation with Nut, HDPE Connector and Distance Disc etc. Love River Bay Yacht Wharf Area District A (ARGO), Kaohsiung City, Taiwan, 20230317