Solar Float features and advantages

● Easy assembly and disassembly, unlimited expanding area

● Modular structure, simple construction, short working hours, quick and easy installation

● High strength material, long product life, excellent durability

● Anti-freezing, anti-corrosive , anti-UV, , unaffected by seawater, chemicals, grease or shellfish

● High buoyancy and stability, good bearing capacity, allowing personnel to work safely on the floating platform

● Eco-friendly technology products, no worry of pollution or environment destruction

● Solar panels of different sizes can be installed, versatility increase.

● Solar panels surrounding by walkways for easy disassembly, repair and maintenance

● Solar float can store cables in the special designed cable storage tank of float, protecting cables and better looking

● Interlocking design of four sides of float, can withstand higher shear force, enhance the structural strength of floating platform

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