LATEST FINISHED : ML-012 Floating dock and Floating anti-wave barrier for Philippines Navy

Located in Zamboanga, Mindanao, Philippines. The floating dock is two-layers pontoon structure with three parking for boats, equipped with safety railings, bollards, EVA fender, tent, fixed piles with roller system / pile guide and other facilities. The words blue PHIL NAVY of the Philippine Navy are patterned by different colors cubes of the pier, which is quite conspicuous! It allows naval ships to moor and personnel to boarding safely and efficient, and two gangways/approach bridges to connect to the shore. The L-shaped floating wave breaker made of orange cubes located on the upper left side of the floating dock. Using a unique underwater wave breaking structure, it can effectively reduce the waves that directly impact the pier, and shield the pier safely! Zamboanga, Philippines, 20210628