SP-101 Solar Main Float I

Buoyancy about 198kg
Colors : Grey
Dim. : L: 120.2cm x W:85.4cm x H:20/40.6cm


SP-101 Limited to sales in Southeast Asia
The solar float can float solar panel on water, it can be installed in a large area in a dam or lake, no need to occupy lands.  You can connect walkway to either side of the solar float, convenient for installation, removal and maintenance works.The solar float support solar panel by the clamping unit, solar panel can expose to sunlight at an appropriate angle, improve the efficiency of solar panel to absorb light energy.The main float has sliding groove on the top, the clamping unit has clip which can be moved in the groove relative to the float body, and to hold different heights of solar panels. Magic-Float solar float can work with many solar panels with different heights significantly increase their versatility and provide an innovative way to easily replace solar panels.As 3D diagram showing, heights of two ends of the main float are not the same, therefore the top of the float is sloped, which enable solar panel to expose to sunlight effectively. Solar Panel Float are made for solar panel, the main float can support and hold many kinds of solar panels with different heights thanks to the unique slideable clamping unit design.

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